Vinter 2023

Januari - april 2023

I slutet av 2022 köpte jag ännu ett teleskop med lång brännvidd, så det blev mycket djuprymdsfoton under början av 2023. Sedan hade vi ju också flera roliga besök av våra numera fem barnbarn.

NGC 5907
NGC 5907
NGC 5907 (also known as Knife Edge Galaxy or Splinter Galaxy) is a spiral galaxy located approximately 50 million light years from Earth. It has an anomalously low metallicity and few detectable giant stars, being apparently composed almost entirely of dwarf stars. It is a member of the NGC 5866 Group. NGC 5907 has long been considered a prototypical example of a warped spiral in relative isolation. In 2006, an international team of astronomers announced the presence of an extended tidal stream surrounding the galaxy that challenges this picture and suggests the gravitational perturbations induced by the stream progenitor may be the cause for the warp. The existence of part of these tidal streams has been recently challenged by some deeper surveys. 30*3min med IDAS LPS D2-filter från Stuvsta

Rolf Johansson