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The sit-in lasted until 12th of March 1980, after which the machinery was sold and most of the buildings of the late Frank Hornby famous factory at Binns Road, Liverpool reduced to rubble. Most of the remaining stock was transferred to a warehouse in London, the rest bought up by the Meccano dealer Mr. Geoff Wright.

The Meccano hobby now rested with Meccano France, and their manufacturing plant at Calais.

The Meccano Magazine reappeared in October (Vol. 65, no. 1) - its first Airfix number - with news of an exciting new Meccano model building concept, Action Packs. Each pack - in two Series One and Two bore a new-look Meccano "strip" logo and the London address of Meccano Ltd. By assembling the model depicted on the box, the newcomer was introduced to the Meccano method of construction. Once started, more purchases were likely to follow.

Some UK Meccano production was resumed at Aberdare, South Wales by the end of the year.


Models Released 1980

Action Packs
1980 Series One Models

Action Packs
1980 Series Two Models

Stellar Missile
Star Striker
Lunar Charot
Cement Mixer
Farm Tractor
Prairie Express
Cosmic Raider

Rocket Launcher
Moon Marauder
Container Truck
Tractor & Trailer
Stock Car Smasher

Some models were animated by use of plastic 1" loose pulleys with tyre. Standard parts included rectangular and triangular 2.5" * 1.5" plastic plates in various colours. Use was also made of p.n. 9b, 12b, 48, 51, 235d and 235g. Notable applications included a channel bearing (p.n. 160) for a tractor engine manifold, rocket motor for a locomotive chimney and astronauts for racing divers. Self-adhesive stickers were used for the racing cars.