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A revised Series One and Series Two Action Packs were announced together with a new Series Three of larger models in the spring Meccano Magazine (Vol. 66, No. 1). In addition three motorized racing cars, independent "core sets" 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000, a Lorry Set and a new Space Set were also planned for release. Unfortunately, just before release, the Airfix Group of companies - owners of Meccano Ltd since 1971 - went bankrupt with debts of more than 16 million pounds.

On April 23rd, all Mecano interests were purchased by the U.S. General Mills Toy Group, which were already the owner of Miro-Meccano of France and Palitoy of Coalville, Leicestershire. It was agreed that production of UK Meccano products should be carried out at the Calais factory with Palitoy in charge of marketing, sales and distribution. All UK Meccano production ceased.

The General Mills Toy Group gave no support for Meccano Magazine, and the spring 1981 number turned out to be the last of the magazine, started in 1916.


Models Released 1981

Action Packs
1981 Series One Models

Action Packs
1981 Series Two Models
Action Packs
1981 Series Three Models

Rocket base
Lunar Chariot
Dune Buggies (New)
Cement Mixer
Breakdown Truck (New)

Star Patrol
Stock Car
Formula Racer (New)
Farm Set (New)
Dump Truck (New)

Lunar Warrior (1980 Rocket Launcher)
Cosmic Raider
Crater Chaser (1980 Moon Marauder)
Container Lorry
Road Grader (New)
Prairie Train (New)

The tractor was retained with a folded plastic plate instead of the expensive channel bearing. Constructional weakness and extensive use of plastic made the Action Pacs somewhat cheap in appareance.